Monday, December 17, 2012

One bowl of noodles or one bowl of congee?

This shop was opened about a month ago but as I am not really a fan of Chinese food I wasnt really bothered about trying it.
Walked past again and the bright white decor attracted me like how it did the first time, so this time I decided to try it as there was not many people inside.
Most people dine in restaurants that have long queues but sometimes I go for the quieter places because I am not rushed to order and the food quality is not sacrificed for speed.

They specialise in noodles, congee and glutinous rice.
Dried shrimp rice rolls:
Although this took a while to arrive, it was presented quite nice and it came with soy sauce and the other standard sesame sauce and bean sauce.
The rice rolls were a tad too soft but with the dried shrimp and spring onions it tasted ok.
Noodles with pork trotters:
When it came, you could tell the broth was quite strong so the noodles tastes nice after absorbing the broth and becoming soft, however the pork trotters were rather salty.
It was also difficult eating from this bowl because of the shape and size and the trotters could have been cut into smaller pieces.
Snack platter:
This was a platter of six snacks: 2 pieces of fried wontons, 2 pieces of fried dumplings and 2 pieces of fried dace balls.
Fried wontons:
In comparision to the dumplings it was much smaller.
Fried dumplings:
The dumplings tasted quite nice and the prawn filling inside was quite fresh.
Fried dace balls:
As usual these have grounded bones in it but it tasted better deep fried as well because it was not so fishy and it came with clam sauce too.
The clam sauce tasted like clams in fermented beancurd (fu yue).
Hot ginger and barley drink:
The taste of barley could have been stronger but the ginger was nice and warmed you up.

Overall, the food here just tasted how it should but I thought it was quite expensive.
I also tried their oyster sauce which was not the Lee Kum Kee Brand but it was quite nice dipping it with the snack platter items and the rice rolls.
On the table there were various of other sauces too.

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