Monday, December 17, 2012

Soy sauce stir fried noodles @ 潮城燒臘粥店

This shop has two sides, one side specializes in congee and the other side specializes in noodles.
The sitting area at the congee side was full so was allocated at the noodle side but you can still order food from the congee restaurant.
Soy sauce stir fried noodles:
The noodles looked good but were actually tasteless. They were hard and dry.
After adding vinegar and chili it tasted quite nice because I do not like adding the Chinese sweet sauce.
Luckily they did not have sesame seeds on it.
Beef rice rolls:
As always these were delicious, they had delicious dried tangerine peel in it.
The soy sauce was too salty this time so the rice rolls ended up too salty.
There are two types of beef rolls: minced beef or sliced beef.

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