Monday, December 17, 2012

Afternoon tea sets @ Old Cheng Du

Although some of their afternoon tea sets are not really Junchuanhu style, I still tried it anyway.
Chose two noodles.

Tomato and fried egg with noodles:
I really liked this because they put spinach in the noodles instead of other chinese vegetables that I do not like.
I liked the noodles they used, they were white and absorbed the broth easily.
The broth was tomato so it was quite refreshing.
The fried egg was just ordinary and I did not expect anything spectacular.
Chicken wings old chengdu style with noodles:
I thought the chicken wings would be spicy but they were not and the tofu was quite nice.
It was similar to tofu in brine.
The noodles were the same as above but the broth had more spices such as aniseed.
There was also chili oil available if it was not spicy enough.

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