Monday, December 17, 2012

Not very friendly since my last visit @ Friends Cafe

Since my last visit, the prices have gone up from $28 to $32 and the staff here were not that friendly.

Ordered the chicken curry and paid for it, when she gave me the change she slammed it on the table.
I think she got defensive because I was taking photos, hence I did not bother taking good shots of the place or the food.
So I will be brief with this review.
Anyway this joint is a popular pick but its weird that there are not many reviews on this place.

Cream of spinach soup:
The spinach soup tasted really grassy and salty.
Chicken curry:
The weirdest curry I have had. There was cracked black pepper and green peppers in it.
The taste was very peppery with green peppers and the chicken was weirdly soft that it disintegrates.
I think they put all these peppery items to cover the frozen chicken taste.

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