Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Yonge Piggies at Piggy high

I was attracted to this place because of the original names of the hotdogs ie Prom queen, The Nerd and Head Prefect which all reminded me of American High school.
However when I got there, the names were slightly changed, it was just the choice of sausage.

I also went to this place because of the wide variety of condiments such as diced beetroot and sauerkraut.
However it was not self-service so it was slightly disappointing.
There were so many sauces too, but the most important thing is whether the sauces/condiments and sausage go together in terms of taste.
The decor of this place felt quite American too with partial alfresco dining over looking the road and there was a painted hot red step ladder attached to the ceiling.
The ceiling reminded of a fire station because of the red painted thick piping.
Hickory smoked:
In the end, I chose the smoked sausage with extra cheese sauce.
I wanted to try the yuzi sesame sauce but it was difficult pairing it with the toppings I chose such as beetroot and cheese.
The sausage was quite big and scored so that it would cook better. The smokey taste in the sausage was strong and
the sausage itself was very juicy.
The bun was a lovely buttered bun.
Overall the hotdog did not impress me because I felt that it was slightly overpriced.

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