Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Spicy fried chicken drumsticks @ McDonald's

I love fried chicken and McDonald's finally have fried chicken legs but they are spicy.

Their chicken wings are spicy too and I find them not substantial enough.
I hesitated about getting the chicken drumsticks because I was quite sure it would have the same chili in it.

However I walked past and someone was eating it and it seemed that it only had black pepper so surely it wouldnt contain chili as well as black pepper.

Anyway I tried it.
Fried chicken drumsticks:
I was surprised it was a whole chicken leg, the thigh bone had been removed so it only had the drumstick bone in it.
The Msg in the chicken was so strong that after one bite I needed water. The chicken had been freshly cooked hence the temperature of the chicken was really really hot.
As for the coating, it tasted like over cooked tempura which is denser and cracker like.
Unfortunately I found the coating too spicy to the extent that everything else tasted bitter.
The rest of the food tasted how they should ie the fries and nuggets.

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