Monday, December 17, 2012

The Cat at the new and bigger Kung Chiu restaurant

Previously this branch and their cat were located on Queens Road East.

I wanted to try that branch but it looked like everything was fast moving so I never went in there.

Recently they moved to Gresson Street and the restaurant seemed more approachable because of the large glass windows and the pink shop front.
There is always lots of people in there and they have this interesting ticketing system at the front.
The cat is also there occasionally and there are photographs of it on the wall.

The food is really good and you can ask for extra rice if you need it, which I did once and the second round they gave me a generous amount, but luckily I finished most of it because the soy sauce and food was delicious.
Scrambled egg with BBQ:
The scrambled egg with BBQ pork was delicious but it can be inconsistent, on some days it tastes so heavenly on other days it would just taste ordinary!
When it is heavenly it tastes as good as the scrambled egg at Shun Hing in Tai Hang.
The amount of roast pork that they give is generous and it is nice and lean as well.
Chicken steak in sweetcorn cheese sauce:
The cheese sauce was not heavy because this is a Chinese style restaurant.
There was sweetcorn in it as well and the cheese that they used was the powdered type which does not have strong cheese smell.
I was surprised to find clams in it.
This is good once in a while because it is quite oily.
Even though their food is delicious they have a good variety and different brands of sauces.
The double soy sauce was the best, it was so good that I needed extra rice.

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