Monday, December 17, 2012

Not quite a scotch egg @ Izumi curry

Came especially because of the melted cheese on rice and the scotch egg
Homemade hamburger steak curry:
The beef was patty was awful, it was full of elastic bits in it.
Scotch egg curry rice with extra cheese:
When it arrived I realised it was not going to taste nice because the scotch egg did not have sausage meat around it.
The scotch egg had beef patty around it, which was the same as the patty in the hamburger steak.
The patty was so bad that it had elastic bits in it that I wanted to throw up.
The eggs that they use at this restaurant are different because they have orange yolks which explains why their omelettes look really orange.
As for the cheese, it was delicious with the rice when hot, so I had to eat it quickly.
After the cheese had cooled down it was tasteless, hard and stringy.

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