Monday, December 17, 2012

Vegetarian BBQ pork bun @ Kung Wo Tong

Tried the vegetarian dim sums here before and the shao mai was quite good so decided to try the vegetarian BBQ pork bun.
They also have glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf (Zhongzhi) but they looked a bit heavy.
Vegetarian BBQ pork bun:
The size of these buns were quite small and cute.
(Just slightly bigger than the average shanghai buns - siu loong bau)
The bun had lots of wheat on it which you could visually see.
The filling was vegetarian BBQ pork which was vegetarian tofu and there were also sesame seeds in it too.
It was delicious and I felt at ease because there was no fatty pieces of pork.
I am not on a diet, its just that I hate that squishy texture of fat.
The only let down was that the filling was cold.


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