Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fish in tomato herb sauce @ 同心餐廳

Gave this place another random visit again because I didn’t know what to eat.
There were two choices I wanted to choose: Deep fried chicken leg and the fish in herbs sauce.
I preferred the fried chicken but Chinese style restaurants always give you a useless plastic spoon and chopsticks with the food in a CFC box, which makes the food impossible to eat.
In the end I ordered the fish.
While I was waiting, it was irritating there was a bin for cigarettes stubbs which were not put out properly giving you the freshest second hand smoke you could ever possibly want!
Since my last visit prices have gone up by $1 from $23 to $24 take away price.
Fish in tomato herb sauce:
I thought the sauce would be white but it was tomato with herbs, the fish was coated in eggy soft batter.
The fish tasted ok, obviously they used frozen filets.
The tomato sauce was thick and strong and the rice tasted a bit off.

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