Monday, December 17, 2012

Flattering flounder fish @ Ka Lok

Came here because they serve the steamed flounder fish.

I like the flounder fish because it is similar to the plaice which is not available in Hong Kong but both of these fishes are flat in appearance.
Not many restaurants seem to serve the flounder fish.

Steamed flounder fish:
As expected this fish was really nice, the taste and texture of the fish was delicate.
I have had it twice but sometimes the fish can have a fishy smell.
Stir fried chicken:
The chicken was really impressive, there were no bones and the pieces of chicken were huge.
The overall portion was quite big.
The spring onion sauce was nice and strong too.
Stir fried ribs:
This dish was quite interesting because they had potatoes in it too.
Although it was weird with potatoes, the potatoes tasted quite nice.
It was good the way the ribs were cut because the meat came off the bone easily.

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