Monday, December 17, 2012

Delicious large matcha sponge cake @ Maria's

Originally came here to get their eggettes because I read somewhere that they had taro flavour but when I got there it was peanut.

Browsed around for other items and saw these big cakes and they looked delicious.

They were really soft and had three flavours: Original, green tea and chocolate.
Matcha sponge cake:
As always the bakery here never fails and I regret not getting the chocolate one as well.
When I started eating it, I felt that it should have been called a chiffon cake because it was incredibly soft, almost like cotton.
I did not expect cream in it but the cream made the cake even more delicious because it balanced out the sweetness of the matcha.
The only problem is that the cake it too soft so you have to be careful of falling pieces of cake.

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