Thursday, December 27, 2012

Organic chestnut pralines @ Green Dot Dot

I have not really bought from Green Dot Dot before apart from the occasional bottled drinks that they sell.

However when I walked past this time I saw some chocolates that were in the freezer which seemed intriguing because you do not usually need to freeze chocolates.

They had chestnut pralines for $19 per box of four pralines.

I chose the chestnut pralines with sour cherry.
chestnut pralines with sour cherry:
The shop said that they were meant to be dethawed before eating but I didnt think they would be that hard so I ate them imediately.
When I opened the box, the surface of the chocolate was already wet.
Just when I was expecting a hard centre it was really soft and did not seem like it had been frozen, so either their freezer was not working or the filling does not go hard when frozen.
The temperature of the praline was not that cold when I bit into it so I think their freezer was not that cold.
Anyway, the taste of the praline was quite nice, the chestnut filling was natural and silky with a plump tart cherry in the middle.

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