Thursday, December 27, 2012

The best DIY egg and mayo sandwich by fluke

On my last visit I had a surprisingly nice fish and chips, so decided to come back and try their other tea sets because the tea set ends at 6.30pm and some other tea set choices end at 6.00pm.

This time tried the waffle and the noodles.
The noodle tea set cames with a side of scrambled egg or egg salad, so I decided to order the egg salad for a change and had bread instead of toast.
Instant noodles with five spice pork:
This was how I expected it to taste, however the noodles were slightly too soft this time.
Instant noodles and Chinese swiss wings:
I have never been fond of Chinese swiss style chicken wings or noodles because it is basically sweet soy sauce.
I thought this was going to be plain bread, but it was spread with margarine.
Next time I will request for plain bread if it is not real butter that is spread on it because the margarine they used had a strange smell.
egg salad:
This was the ultimate star of the tea set!
I was expecting egg in sweet salad sauce, but it was real proper savoury mayonnaise which tasted like the REAL egg and mayonnaise filling in Western sandwiches.
Without further a do, I put the egg salad on the bread and made delicious egg mayonnaise sandwich.
It would have tasted perfect if they hadnt used margarine on the bread and the egg mayonnaise would have been near perfect if it had not had pieces of ham in it.
waffles with jam:
The waffle was also delicious, apart from Jam, there were other items to choose to go with it such as tuna, chocolate sauce etc, but I chose Jam.
As well as jam it came with whipped cream which was perfect for complimenting the jam and waffle.
The sweetness of the waffle was just right. I liked the waffle texture too because it was soft, but probably not appreciated by the locals.

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