Thursday, December 27, 2012

Extremely salty noodles from a double tragedy

Planned to go to Muzi the new dessert shop at the new Domain shopping mall.

According to their FB page, I went on the day they were scheduled to open, however when I got there it was not open yet.

Since it was not open, I tried to dine at the new Riso SEGRETO restaurant.

I managed to get a table but when I ordered the roast chicken was sold out so I left!!

Settled down at this place for some noodles which I thought was interesting because it was instant noodles braised in curry beef belly.
The English name for this restaurant was interesting: Poly Wealth!
It almost sounds like an investment company!
Instant noodles braised in curry beef belly:
When the noodles came, they looked like stir-fried noodles and not braised as there was not much sauce.
Anyway, the noodles tasted extremely salty that I needed to wash it in the red tea provided.
After rinsing the noodles it tasted normal.
The bowl of tea turned into salty broth that could be used for instant soup noodles!

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