Thursday, December 20, 2012

Rickshaw noodles with plentiful choices

Found out about this shop through OpenRice but I could not call them for a takeaway because there was no telephone number.
I wonder how it was possible to be listed here because if there is no telephone number it does not get listed.

I googled this place and was surprised that they had a website which was in English as well as in Chinese.
Their shop interior and logo was designed with thought.
When I got there, I was surprised it was a neat joint for noodles, it was decorated like those food stall places with those red eggshell lamps and foldable tables.
The first two visits, the noodles were great but on the third visit, the broth was tasteless.

Hopefully they will be consistent next time.

At the front of the counter, you can see the ingredients displayed neatly in metal trays, vegetables and meat have been kept separate and likewise the meat.
The menu is displayed on the wall on a digital menu with pictures.
The basic noodle costs $33 and there is a simple noodle that costs $40 but it does not state what ingredients are in it.

I was really impressed with their range of noodles because they had Inaniwa udon.
For soups they also had sichuan broth and tom yum broth.
They claim that their noodles are MSG free.
The only drawback at the moment is that they only accept payments by octopus, if you insist paying by cash they will use their own octopus and get change from elsewhere which holds up the queue.
The vermicelli here is different, it was slightly transparent like glass noodles and the texture was softer and absorbs the broth.
Inaniwa udon:
The Inaniwa udon was delicious because the noodles were soft and silky.
Curry ox tripe:
The ox tripe was quite nice, but the pieces were not cut properly.
Vegetarian noodles:
I couldnt understand why this was more expensive than the ordinary noodles because it was just plain abalone mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, beanshoots and vegetables.
In conclusion, all their noodles taste nice subject to the how strong the broth is.

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