Thursday, December 27, 2012

Retro Chinese cafe by the sea with delicious food

When I saw pictures of the noodles tossed in spring onion and ginger sauce I just had to come here for them.

On the map it showed that this cafe was almost by the sea.

It was hard to locate that day because that building was being rennovated so the front of the shop was almost covered by scaffolding.
I barely managed to recognise this cafe only because there was a yellow fire hydrant on one of the photos and because it was so old with red decor inside.
Photos of the restaurant:
The decor of the restaurant is probably a sight for the people in the city.
As well as the decor, I was surprised how friendly the staff were who were not pushy and extremely patient.
Apart from the noodles, there were pictures of the toast with scrambled eggs, corned beef and extremely generous amounts of spring onions which I had to try too.
The product shots were interesting, there was some element of design or layout in it, even the Chinese characters looked neatly laid out with style and written with some different font!
Although I had ordered a bit too much this time, everything was worth trying.
The roast pork was sold out that day so I only chose luncheon meat with the tossed noodles.
Noodles in ceramic pot:
The noodles they have here are not Nissin instant noodles but they tasted good enough.
The noodles were in a ceramic pot topped with with so many items such as five spice pork, fried egg, luncheon meat, roast duck breast etc.
The noodles were piping hot especially since they were served in a ceramic pot and there was a film of hot oil covering the noodles.
Scrambled eggs with corned beef on toast:
I loved the toast, the amount of spring onions was so generous that it was nearly green.
The corned beef was not as salty as I expected, but the combination of scrambled eggs, spring onions and beef with toast was really delicious.
Instant noodles tossed in spring onion and ginger oil:
Next time I order this, I will ask for the non spicy version because the spicyness is quite strong that sometimes it over powers the spring onion and ginger oil.
Otherwise the noodles were delicious because the spring onion and ginger oil tastes exactly like the sauce for dipping chicken.
The luncheon meat looked slightly different to the usual as it had specks of meat in it.
It would have been great if the noodles were more al-dente as I found them too soft and the texture was a bit spongy.
Egg and five spice meat sandwich:
I hesistated ordering this one, but it also turned out delicious. It does not look nice on the photos but it was delicious.
The five spice pork was slightly too spicy for me but the egg was really fragrant.
Pepper grinder:
The pepper grinder was quite interesting, the pepper comes out from the sides of the top and not the top!

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