Thursday, December 27, 2012

Super Jolly and Jollier with Jollibee food

I was here again for my favourite fried chicken and palabok.
The lovely fried chicken comes with gravy so I always order extra fries to go with gravy.
The service is really efficient and after you order most of the food is ready on your tray in an instant which is so much quicker than KFC.
Fried chicken: The chicken was fried just right, it tasted nice with or without gravy much better than KFC.
Although it smells of horrible oil fumes outside, the chicken does not taste rancid, nor does the restaurant smell inside.
The chicken that they serve here is always chicken drumstick or the chicken thigh!
Fries and gravy: The fries were perfect, just the way I like them because they are pale and not over done.
palabok: The palabok was a bit too heavy this time, there was too much lard in it despite using the lemon to balance it out.
Lemon Tea: It was interesting they actually put a slice of lemon despite it was lemon tea from the dispenser.
The lemon tea was way too sweet and syrupy for me.
Came here again for more food.
As well as the food and great packaging, it is interesting they are quite hygienic and concerned about health because on the paper it tells you not to place your food directly on the trayliner. ★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★
Hotdog: The hot dog was nice and soft but the sausage tasted quite beefy.
Crispy bangus: This turned out to be amazing. As well as the fried chicken, this is also delicious.
I have been eating this all the time at Quezon in Wan Chai, but I did not realise Jolibee also offered this.
Basically it is deep fried peppered fish with vinegar. The one at Quezon is half of a whole fish because it is a smaller fish and it still has bones but the one here is a bigger piece of BONELESS fish!!! The vinegar is given separately here and the fish tastes good with or without vinegar! I thought I had to wait, but the fish and other meals were already boxed and ready to serve!
Peach and mango pie: I do not like mango but I tried it anyway! The filling was slightly different to the product shot because the mango and peach had already been mashed up, but the taste was amazing, usually Pinoy food is too sweet however the sweetness was just right and the peach was strong that I could not taste the mango.
Coconut and pineapple: I tried this because in the Pinoy cuisine they use young coconut and this pie was also delicious because there was more proportion of young coconut and the sweetness was just right too.

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