Monday, December 17, 2012

Grounded pistachio dessert and snowflake ice

After eating at the nearby Legend Restaurant, I noticed this shop because of the colourful banners where I spotted this bowl of green dessert that I thought was Green Tea dessert.

However on a closer look it turned out to be Grounded Pistachio dessert which Menty told me about a few days ago, then when I looked at the name of this dessert shop, it was indeed Hoi Kee.
I have walked past the Mong Kok branch numerous times but I never went in because the MK branch was just grey and boring.

The menu at that time only had Chinese desserts then, perhaps it may have changed now but looking at the MK reviews I cant see any of the new desserts.

Anyway went in with the Grounded Pistachio dessert in mind, but when I looked at the menu there were so many other items I wanted to try as well, so there shall be more visits.
The desserts at this place was not just traditional Chinese sweet soups but they had other desserts with colourful product shots which were really tempting to try such as:

Purple rice and mochi
Peach and tofu pudding
Berry merry +++++++++++++++++++++

Not only was the menu colourful the decor of this shop was modern.

Grounded Pistachio dessert
I do not usually go for these grounded Chinese desserts but because it was pistachio I tried it.
There was a choice of hot or cold and I really regret not ordering it cold because when it is hot I keep burning my tongue and cannot taste it properly.
When it did finally cool down, I found it delicious because it tasted really nutty and you can taste the savouryness of the pistachio.
The pistachio had been grounded really fine and it was not lumpy.
The pistachio pieces on top gave it some depth.
After stirring it vigorously to cool the consistency did not change, it still remained thick hence its high heat capacity.
Although it was delicious I would have preferred it in pudding form because I am still not quite used to Chinese desserts which are in liquid/paste form which involves "drinking" it.
For the take away version the pistachio is in a separate bag for you to add separately.
Grounded Chestnut dessert
Again I do not usually try these desserts but tried it as it was Chestnut, I did not expect it to taste nice because chestnuts are starchy and it did not taste as good as the chestnut paste in the Chestnut croissant at Le Salon.
I still feel that chestnut tastes better with roast dinners or French style.
Berries and yogurt with aiyu jelly
This was a cup of aiyu jelly at the bottom with natural yogurt on top with strawberries and blueberries.
I really appreciated that they used natrual yogurt which was sour and because the jelly at the bottom was sweet, the taste balanced out.
It tasted like greek yoghurt but the texture of the yogurt was not that thick.
Pistachio snowflake ice
The snowflake ice tasted as good as the grounded pistachio dessert, there was strong pistachio flavouring in the snowflake ice, the texture of the snowflake ice was slightly sticky and viscous.
Initially it reminded me of sushi because the green colour and shape of the snowflake ice resembled wasabi, and the orange balls looked like salmon roe.
I thought the orange balls would be filled with liquid but they were solid cute balls of jelly.
The texture of those orange balls were like kanten, hard firm jelly and there was a faint taste of mango which was quite artificial, but eating the glutinous rice balls together with the snowflake ice and those orange balls were delicious and the whole dessert was not too sweet.

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