Monday, December 17, 2012

Delicious fragrant grilled chicken with herbs

Found out about this place from ilovedisneylands review so I was really excited about this place because I am also a chicken lover too.

This place specialises in grilled chicken, steamed chicken, marinated chicken organs.
On their flyers it states that their chickens are sourced from an environmentally friendly chicken farm.

From the review I thought there were only two seats but when I got there it was bigger than I thought, there were about four tables.

The decor of the restaurant was quite interesting, it had pictures on the wall which I thought were quite southern American but I am not American so I could be wrong on which part of America it could be.
All was well, but there was no English menu yet!
There is a chicken set with rice or noodles but I couldnt be bothered to study the menu so I just ordered chicken a la carte.

In the cabinet, there were various grilled items which I forgot to take pictures of such as grilled wings, chicken legs etc.

Anyway I ordered the grilled chicken which came with lemon sauce.

Luckily they sliced the grilled chicken into slices for me and they gave me a fork too.

Grilled thyme flavoured chicken thigh:
The chicken was really tender and juicy and the skin was delicious.
I do not usually eat the skin but this one has been grilled so that the fat had already been burnt off.
Overall the chicken was quite good because it was not oily.
The thyme was not strong enough.
Although the seasoning such as salt and pepper were strong it was not as strong as the grilled chicken at Wing's which leaves you thirsty after taking the first bite.
The magic lemon sauce that came with it was cordial, the stuff that you use to make squashes with.
I mean magic because it balances out the saltiness and makes it really appetising.

After I had the grilled chicken I realised they had chicken wings with different herbs which i didnt see earlier.
The chicken wings come in threes and it was really good they let me have three different flavours.
As all these herbs were in Chinese I hadnt a clue that they were thyme, basil and rosemary.
I recognised the basil as I have heard "lorlak" many times, but the rosemary herb in Chinese was really new to me because the chinese name seems to say "lost - mai sut"
Thyme flavoured chicken wing:
This tasted the same as the grilled chicken.
Basil flavoured chicken wing:
Again the basil was not strong enough.
Rosemary flavoured chicken wing:
Same as above the rosemary was not that strong.

As I was pretty sure the lemon sauce was lime cordial I asked if they could make it into a drink by adding water, and they did it for me.
I am sure they must have thought I was barmy but anyway it was a really good thirst quencher, my thirst was gone!
They should add this drink to the menu, it was much better than the other drinks they had and it was refreshing and sour just like those Thai iced lime drinks.
Anyway I'll be back and it would be great if they served roast potatoes on the side too

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