Thursday, December 20, 2012

Strawberry cream slices from Royal View Hotel

Royal View Hotel had a stall at the mall.
Took a look and saw some nice cream slices which were only $15 each.
The price was reasonably cheap coming from a hotel but considering the location of their hotel the price is about right.
I got the strawberry mousse and the strawberry cream slices which cost $15 as well. The cream slices were garnished with a raspberry or blueberry. I chose the ones garnished with raspberry because I prefer tart berries.
The packaging was rather disappointing because the box had no lid.
Strawberry cream slice:
The cream was nice, it was proper unsweetened cream.
The puff pastry was disappointing because it was soft and elastic.
The strawberry pieces in the cream were nice and sweet.
Strawberry mousse:
I was rather disappointed with this because the taste was really artificial, it did not have the tartness tastes of real strawberries.
At the bottom, the mousse did not set properly and there was liquid.

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