Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wicked food from Central 2 Wanchai in a cute diner

Found out about this new restaurant from OpenRice. The name imediately sprung to my mind because there is also a branch in Central, however it is located in the MTR station.

When I got there, I realised it used to be this sandwich joint.
The good thing about this joint compared to central is that you can dine in.
There is a bar table and some tables at the back.
They even have extra bibimbap sauce if you feel there is not enough in your dish.
Basically you order near the entrance and wait for the food. The menu is clearly display on the wall with pictures, however you need to pay extra for drinks but there is a $3 discount for takeaway orders.
I really wanted the dessert but it was for dine ins only.
I was attracted by the dessert because it was sake tiramisu [green tea or chocolate flavour] which I can imagine tasting nice.
After ordering, I was surprised the food came really fast despite they had only opened for about a week.
But then when you think about it, they have a branch in Central where fast pace is a must.

The food was contained in paper box just like Chinese takeaways in America.
The packaging was quite successful because it caught the attention of an Oz who even wanted to know where this joint was and what they served. The good thing about these paper boxes is that there is no CFC taste.

From their menu, it seems they have Korean food and Singaporean food.
Bibimbap with teppanyaki ox-cheek
Bibimbap with teppanyaki chicken
Curry chicken & egg served with baked coconut rice
Laksa char kway teow
Yaki-udon with teriyaki chicken
Yaki-udon with mushrooms medley.
Daily special - wrapped rice with abalone sauce

In the evening they have Asian fusion tapas which sounds interesting too!
Yaki-udon with mushrooms medley:
This was yaki style so it was expected to be slightly sweet.
The udon noodles were evenly coated with yaki sauce and it was sprinkled with some parsley.
There was also a hint of truffle taste because there was some truffle oil in it which enhanced the udon and the mushrooms even more. The udon was different from the usual udons, the texture was similar to the Shanghainese thick noodles.
Wrapped rice with abalone sauce:
Although this was the cheapest on the menu, it tasted quite nice.
It was still wrapped in lotus leaf in the box, the rice was lovely and fragrant with abalone sauce taste.
For improvements, they should have soup just like their Central branch and have desserts that you can order for take aways too.

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