Monday, December 17, 2012

Da ultimate fun flavoured limited edition eggettes

I rarely go to Tsuen Wan because it is really far but it was definately worth the trek for the eggettes.

Last time I tried their delicious mint chips eggettes, however it was in the summer so the eggettes were a little too hot to handle, but now the weather is nice and cool which is perfect to eat freshly made eggettes.

Found out from Facebook that there were some new limited off menu flavours which I had to try, but some were upcoming flavours so I will have to try next time.

This week there was meatballs and Chinese BBQ pork and duck, as these were savoury flavours I decided to have them for dinner.

The upcoming flavour is Tuna which I really want to try as well because the owner said there is chopped celery in it too which would give it some crunch.
They are also going to do curry which I really want to try because I went to Maria's who were supposed to have curry but it turned out to be peanut when I got there.

While the eggettes were being made, there was a lovely smell in the air.

Since my last visit, there are so many people buying soeuvenirs from this place that there are stocks of their products ready to sell.
While I was waiting for the eggettes I took photos of the awards which I did not take last time and the opening hours notice.
When they were finished, the eggettes were moulded into shape.
Eggettes filled with meatballs:
I tried this one first and my first impression was pizza. I love the meat sauce inside because it had a rich meat sauce taste. The owner said he created this meat taste by using the broth from boiling beef bones.
There were also pieces of onions and mushrooms too which balanced it out.

Overall both flavours were amazing and because they were really delicious I forgot to take pictures of the cross section.

Eggettes filled with Chinese BBQ pork and duck:
This one was my favourite, the taste was intense, there were pieces of carrot and cucumber.
The carrot was slightly too hard.
It was really fun eating this one because sometimes it would taste like a Chinese BBQ bun but better because of the eggettes crispyness and sometimes it would taste like the duck in pancakes with Hoi Sin sauce from China Town as there was strong cucumber taste in it as well.
The smokiness flavour in this eggette was made from boiling turkey bones.

I will be back for the other savoury flavours asap if it wasnt so far away........Both of these eggettes reminded me of obanyaki's but I prefer eating eggettes because it is fun breaking the pieces off and eating it..

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