Monday, December 17, 2012

Lovely matcha slush with creamy vanilla soft serve

Previously this joint used to be Kasho Chaya and their desserts are almost similar to them except that they serve the Matcha smoothie and Warabi mochi as well.
I wanted to try the matcha drink at Kasho Chaya but it had been discontinued at the Causeway Bay branch.

So anyway, came here and got the Matcha drink with vanilla soft serve and warabi mochi. All three wishes in one, the drink, the soft serve and the warabi mochi.

I was slightly disappointed because they didnt do any Halloween specials like they did last year or sell the Green Tea jelly cubes dessert cup like they do in the other branch.
Matcha drink with vanilla soft serve and warabi mochi:
There was a choice of green tea soft serve or vanilla. I chose the Vanilla because I didnt want double green tea.
Anyway as you can see, the warabi mochi was submerged in between the soft serve and the matcha smoothie.
I took of sip of the green tea smoothie and found it really slushy, however the slushed ice was quite coarse and the shape was simiilar to extremely tiny balls of ice.
The green tea taste was strong and it was slighty bitter so after mixing the soft serve, it was extremely nice and creamy.
The taste reminded me of Starbucks frappucino but the vanilla was much stronger and milkshake like.

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