Monday, December 17, 2012

Really refreshing fruit tea @ TenRen's Tea

I never noticed this Taiwanese drinks shop because I skipped eslite on my way to the restaurants above.

I only found out recently so I went and had a look.

The drinks counter was quite interesting because it did not look very modern and I nearly thought it was from China because of the tea leaves it sells and the cups they use.
Usually the Taiwanese drinks come in plastic clear cups but here they use paper cups and the chinese name characters on the paper cup looked like it was from one of those Chinese tea leaves shop.

I saw some people collect some frothy looking drinks so I looked at the menu, it was basically divided into hot drinks and cold drinks.

There are teas, milk teas, flavoured milk and fruit teas.

In the end I chose the fruit tea. I was slightly annoyed that they did not ask me the level of sweetness but luckily I requested the tea not to be so sweet.
Fruit tea with 30% sugar:
I really liked this drink and it reminded me of the fruit tea at SHARE TEA.
The orange in it was really strong, it tasted like minute maid orange juice mixed with tea.
However I could not taste the other fruits so I might as well of just ordered orange fruit tea.
I only chose 30% sugar hence the taste was really refreshing.
There was an equal balance of tea and juice.

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