Monday, December 17, 2012

Sweet and cute cookie world @ Fresh Fresh

Recently bought their pandan cake from their pop up stall at Diamond Hill and got addicted to it.

Found out from OpenRice that there is a shop at Mong Kok when I wrote the review so came here hoping to get the Pandan cake, however they only had the cookies and the dessert that day.
The cookie selection here was good, they had so many fun shapes and colours.
The flavours ranged from Seaweed to milk tea and of course my favourite pandan.

The cookies are sold by weight and you can specify how many of each flavour you want.
Pandan cookies:
I did not want to try the other flavours so I just got the Pandan flavour which is a butter based cookie.
The cookies were extremely crumbly and the balance of the butter and the flavouring was just right.

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