Monday, December 17, 2012

The Mathy collection of best dishes

This restaurant was quite amazing, anything and everything under the sun could be found here.
They did Chinese dishes, noodles, and even their fries were delicious.
Some of the items they used for the dishes were quite interesting such as dried fishes and thousand layer tofu (chin chaang tofu).

However the food does not taste as good as it used to be so I am just compiling a collection of the good dishes that I had.

Hopefully one day it will taste as good as it used to be.

Although there is nothing spectacular and interesting about the fries, I felt that the quality of the fries here were quite good.
Each and every one was uniformly fried and there were no bruises or burnt bits.
They were golden yellow and fried just right.
They tasted really similar to the fries McDonalds use but the frying oil was different.
Spinach noodles:
Instead of boring noodles they had green spinach noodles and there was no MSG in the soup.
Glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf:
This is served for breakfast. The glutinous rice was a bit soft but the filling was quite nice and not too salty.
I liked the way they wrapped it with an extra piece of wax paper as it keeps the lotus leaf fragrance and makes the glutinous rice more fragrant.
Sweet and sour thousand layer tofu:
It was really good they used thousand layer tofu for this because when you bite into the tofu, the gaps in the tofu layers absorb the sweet and sour sauce.
The texture of this tofu is quite meaty.
Apart from sweet and sour style they also do fried Salt and Pepper style thousand layer tofu.
Stir fried chives and deep fried little fishes:
Usually these tiny fishes are served as starters with peanuts but here they were stir fried with chives.
The strong taste of chives and the little fishes tasted good together.
However it did not taste as nice as the first time because the fishes were over done this time.
Salt and pepper fish tofu:
This was a tofu patty made by mashing tofu with fish and then deep fried and cooked with Salt and Pepper.
I liked it because the tofu and fish tasted fresh and delicate.
Iceburg lettuce and inmitation abalone slices in abalone sauce:
The iceburg lettuce was delicious and it tasted natrually sweet. The abalone gravy was extremely generous and the inmitation abalone slices were sweet too.
Braised pork trotters in Red beancurd:
Again my favourite dish, but sometimes the trotters were too soft.
The peanuts were lovely and soft too.
Beancurd sheets with preserved egg and salted egg:
Not the usual combination but I liked this combination.
The beancurd sheets and loofah got its flavour from the salted egg, whilst the loofah enhanced the sweetness in the dish.
Cauliflower and broccoli with cheese:
This was really delicious. Although it is not authentic I liked the way they put pieces of ham into it.
The cheese taste had been localised so it was quite pleasant and not that cheesey.
Steamed egg:
Nicely steamed egg with rich soy sauce on top.

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