Monday, December 17, 2012

Pandan coconut agar jelly @ PHO 24

I have always wanted to come here for the desserts but there are only two branches.

I got Pho 24 mixed up with Pho26 but luckily I checked the menu of Pho 26 and did not go in.
Finally was in the TST area so got one of the desserts as a takeaway, the other one I wanted to try was Cassava pudding made from a root vegetable.
I was impressed with the service too! They knew about their products extremely well.

While I was waiting for the takeaway I went to look at the menu at the restaurant opposite and the dessert was brought over to me.

Pandan Coconut agar jelly:
This pudding had two layers, the bottom layer was white and the top layer was green.
At first the green looked too bright but the pudding was delicious, it was made from Ajar jelly which is extremely soothing and decomposes into liquid when you eat it.
The sweetness was just right and the pandan taste was strong, the coconut layer was not that strong which was good for me because I do not really like coconut unless it is young coconut.
On top of the pudding it was garnished was a piece of leaf which I suspect was Pandan leaf because it did not smell like lemongrass.

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