Monday, December 17, 2012

Fish curry and Deep Fried pork chop curry

Havent been here for ages so went back for their curry.

I was also curious and wanted to see if the new curry place across the road has affected their business.
But when I got there, there was still a queue.

Ordered the pork and fish curry.
The order was probably only legible by them.
Luckily the curry sauce was bland that day which meant it was not so spicy and salty.
The rice was extremely hard and clumped together.

Both curries were the same but the colour looks different on the photograph.
Deep fried Pork Chop curry:
The pork chop was quite nice that day.
Fish curry:
The fish was hard and the fish meat did not flake unless you forced it to. I think it was due to the starch coating being too thick.
There was also peanut oil taste on the coating.

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