Thursday, December 20, 2012

A stop for tempura paradise at Marugame Seimen

As well as Hong Kong you can also find Marugame Seimen in China and Thailand.
Although Hong Kong is a place for food paradise, HK is sometimes slow to follow the food trend because they like to see real facts and figures of successful items before investing on something new.
When I saw Marshy's picture of the tempura egg with runny egg yolk I just had to come here.
The main items they serve are udon and tempura.

I came here twice.
On my first visit I just had the tempura and omusubi, but they did not have the squid and seaweed tempura that day, so I came back another day for it.

Honestly I am not fond of the udon here because I only like the Inaniwa type which is slightly flatter and thinner, and the udon served here is the Sanuki type.

On my first visit, I did not know the tempura was self service and basically you pick from the trays what you want.
On the second visit, they did not have the tempura sauce because they said the customer feedback on the sauce was that it was too strong.
I believe they mean bloggers, anyway on my first visit when they had that sauce, they did not have any small dishes to put the sauce, so you had to put the sauce on the plate.
Prawn tempura:
The prawn batter was nice and light and the prawn had prawn taste.
The tempura sauce tasted a bit like teriyaki sauce.
Since there was no dish to put the sauce, I put it on a spoon.
Egg tempura:
This was amazing, the egg white was still tender after being deep fried and the egg yolk was really runny!
Salmon omusubi:
This was delicious but disappointing because it did not hold together!
On the second visit, there was no tempura sauce, and the fried items were evidently darker and the oil smell was stronger.
Squid coated in seaweed and tempura batter:
I wanted to try this on my first visit which was not available.
The squid was delicious, the batter was light and it was infused with seaweed powder.
The squid was nice and chunky too but not tough.
I do not like this type of udon but tried it anyway. It was quite soft and al-dente and the grated radish was really fine and silky.
The taste of this was ok, but the oil was not that fresh and you can see how dark it is compared to the egg tempura and squid which was fried in a different batch.

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