Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dripping oil...............

Came here because most of the other restaurants were not opened yet.
There are other branches in Tuen Mun and Megabox which are too far.
The theme of the decor is trying to imitate the coastal town of Kenting in Taiwan which has a lighthouse hence the lighthouse on the walls.
I have not been to Taiwan so I cannot comment on the decor of this restaurant.

As for the food I felt that it was just local Chinese food with Taiwanese dish names.

The noodle I ordered sounded interesting, according to the Chinese name, I thought it would have oysters in it but there were none.
The noodles were exactly the same style as the ones in Chinese restaurants.
They were crispy noodles.
Not only were the noodles crispy, there was so much oil in it.
The aubergine dish was even worse, there was oil dripping from the pieces of aubergine.
Jasmine tea with liquid filled balls:
The drink was the only nice item in this restaurant, the sweetness was just right and the Jasmine flavour was really strong.
The liquid filled balls were filled with lychee syrup.

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