Monday, December 17, 2012

Literally ketchup plonked on pasta!

Came here because I saw photos of tomato ketchup on pasta!

Usually Chinese cafes will make their own tomato sauce but I was intrigued by this one as they literally put tomato ketchup on pasta.

It was quite interesting because this cafe was quite old and inside the restaurant there were quite a few interesting items such as the shed.
After it was opened, I realised they stored ice in there.
The tilings on the wall take you back in time.
Anyway I came here especially for the spaghetti which was part of the lunch sets.
The lunch sets basically all had spaghetti with fried egg and bread/toast with a drink.
For the spaghetti there was a choice of tomato sauce or pepper sauce.
Then for the set you get to choose ham, chicken wings or pork chop.
Anyway ordered two spaghetti sets with tomato sauce and pepper sauce and the chickens wings and pork chop.
Bread with fried egg:
An old plate from the 197Xs.
The egg was lovely and delicately fried, there were some slight crispy bits which were nice and the yolk was runny.
The egg was impressive because there was no oil taste on the egg white, hence I ate the egg white leaving the delicious yolk on the bread.
spaghetti with tomato sauce:
Although the spaghetti had a really dark colour there was no taste to it so it really relied on the sauce.
The tomato sauce was basically tomato ketchup and the brand they used was Del Monte.
I prefer Heinz ketchup because it is slightly sour and Del Monte's is basically sweet.
Anyway the spaghetti and tomato sauce were quite nice as a combination, however Heinz already have a canned version of spaghetti in tomato sauce and the canned version is softer and more sour.
spaghetti with pepper sauce:
The pepper sauce they serve here was quite good, it was not too peppery and complimented the pasta quite well.
chickens wings:
Another old plate from the 197Xs.
I was surprised the chicken wings were quite nice, there was no oil taste and the chickens tasted fresh, even the chicken meat was soft and supple.
pork chop:
Slightly too greasy

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