Monday, December 17, 2012

Delicious and colourful pon da rings @ Das Gute

It is really good there is another bakery on the other corner of Metro City, the other side is Panash, but I rarely buy from there.
This joint is much bigger and more spacious than the joint at Tseung Kwan O.
I came in here because it was a new branch and then when I saw the pon de rings I was immediately drawn to them.

I have always loved pon de rings because of its chewy texture and delicious icings.

Not many places in Hong Kong sell them and the one that did in Mong Kok closed down.

They are really fun to eat because I like breaking the pieces off into individual balls.

I realised that I saw the exact same product at A1 Bakery.
After googling A-1 bakery I found out that Das Gute, Cafe Balencia, La Creation and many more are part of the A-1 bakery group.

There were five flavours for the pon de rings: Chocolate, Green Tea, Strawberry, caramel and white sugar.
I wasnt sure if the strawberry would taste artificial so I chose the green tea, white sugar and caramel.
It was good that they put the iced pon de ring in a separate bag.
White sugar pon de ring:
I started with this one first because it had the lightest taste and it looked quite similar to the caramel one except that the white sugar was more prominent on this one.
The white sugar was not too sweet and I loved the chewyness of the pon de ring.
The inside of the pon de ring had a yeasty texture too.
Caramel pon de ring:
The caramel flavoured pon de ring was even better, the flavour was distributed evenly and it was not too sweet.
After trying both the white sugar and caramel flavour I thought it was fun to break the pon de ring up and eat the pieces individually.
Green tea pon de ring:
The strong green tea icing on the pon de ring was quite and did not make the pon de ring too sweet.
The chewyness and the icing was a good combination.
The icing was not hard and crumbly, it was similar to thick paste.

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