Thursday, December 27, 2012

Café Malacca

I love Singaporean and Malaysian food so I was delighted when Agnes invited me to her tasting session organised by Traders hotel.

It has been a long time since I have written a review for the singmalay series because I have tried most of the singmalay restaurants that I could find. This review is somewhat special because it is the 30th review in the series and it is my first tasting for singmalay food. We were really privileged to be able to try almost every item on the menu.
Satay - Chicken and Beef: MENU Description - Grilled chicken and beef skewers in traditional Malay marinade served with an aromatic peanut sauce, rice cakes, cucumber and onion wedges.
Both the chicken and beef skewers were really nice, they were flavoured and moist, there was a strong lemongrass taste to it and after the peanut sauce was added, the satays were livelier. The rice cakes were interesting because they looked like white radish but it was mashed rice with flour.
Gado Gado: MENU Description - A warm vegetable salad with eggs, fried bean curd, peanut sauce dressing topped with Emping (Melinjo crackers).
This was similar to the above with a lovely mix of eggs, beancurds and legumes which was served warm.
It was the first time I tried the emping crackers which had a bitter taste.
Singapore Otak-Otak: MENU Description - Peranakan spicy fish paste wrapped and grilled in banana leaf.
The fish was really delicate and there was strong lemongrass taste.
I really liked it because it was boneless and it was slightly spicy.
Penang Prawn Noodle: MENU Description - A spicy prawn and pork soup noodle combination with bean sprouts and water spinach, topped with prawns and sliced pork, garnished with crispy fried shallots.
There were vermicelli and oil noodles in the bowl, the prawn broth was really sweet with a hint of chili.
Penang Koay Teow Thng: MENU Description - Light flat rice noodles in duck broth, served with fish balls, fish cakes, duck meat and julienne of pork blood topped with fried garlic.
Compared to the other noodles, this was not spicy and it was light.
I liked the finely chopped pork blood curds on the noodles.
Penang Assam Laksa: MENU Description - A signature Penang dish of thick rice vermicelli in a tangy and spicy fish-based soup, garnished with fresh pineapple, mint, cucumber, onions and ginger flower accompanied by a dash of black shrimp paste.
This was my favourite because it was very refreshing but at the same time it was the spiciest.
The black shrimp paste that came with it was interesting because it was sweet yet had a strong prawn taste.
The penang assam laksa is a must try because this is the only place that serves it in HK.
Hainanese Chicken Rice: MENU Description - Tender boiled free-range chicken served with flavourful rice, accompanied by chicken broth, special chilli sauce, ginger puree and dark soy sauce.
The chicken was really tender and the ginger sauce complimented it well.
Beef Rendang:
MENU Description - A Malay specialty of tender beef, simmered in coconut milk and a mixture of aromatic spices.
The beef was tender and the coconut in the sauce was strong.
The spicyness of this was mild.
Sambal Belachan Ladies fingers: MENU Description - Ladies’ fingers fried with chilli and shrimp paste.
The okra was cooked with onions and chili hence it had a very flavoursome taste.
Chin Chow: MENU Description - Herbal black jelly drink.
The drink I chose was herbal jelly which was soothing. It was hard to choose because they had so many choices for drinks which I liked especially the unsweetened calamansi which you sweeten yourself and they also had the barley drink too.
PART TWO: Desserts at Malacca ★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★☆★
Sago Pudding: MENU Description - Tapioca pearl pudding with coconut cream and palm sugar.
The sweetness of this was just right, and the pudding was a ball made of huge tapioca pearls with coconut cream on top.
The tapioca pearls were nice and chewy and the coconut cream and palm sugar syrup gave it delicate flavoring.
Kuih Dadar: MENU Description - A rolled pandan-flavoured crêpe filled with grated coconut in palm sugar.
This was my favourite, the fragrant soft crepes filled with substantial grated coconut that was sweetened by palm sugar.
Durian pudding: The durian taste was really strong and milk in the pudding made the texture smooth and silky.

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