Monday, December 17, 2012

Are you a parfait lover or are you PaFe 怕肥?

Aftering having the delicious apple pie tea at this Japanese restaurant I remembered this place also had the apple pie tea so came here for it.

I wanted to try the desserts too so I ordered the dessert first, luckily I did not order the dessert and the drink together because they gave me a $5 coupon so I was able to get the drink $5 cheaper! Yay.
The desserts here are basically Japanese style desserts split into four categories: Sundaes, Parfaits, Zenzais and Anmitsus.
This is soft serve on top of cornflakes with fruit and various different syrups depending on the one you pick.
The chinese translation on their menu for Sundae is quite funny 聖代 "sing doi".
This is a scoop of flavoured icecream with dumplings and red bean paste.
This is a layered dessert with cornflakes, soft serve and fruit similar to the British knickerbocker glory.
I was really tempted to get the Hokkaido milk pudding and gelatine parfait.
This is a scoop of flavoured icecream with kanten jelly and red bean paste

In the end I got the Tofu Zenzai because I was going to get the drink as well.
Althought I am a person that likes parfait, je suis ne pas parfait.

But luckily I do not gain much weight despite my binges because alot of Chinese people say they are Pa Fe in Chinese 怕肥 which means they cannot eat too much incase they gain weight.
Tofu Zenzai:
This was a scoop of tofu flavoured icecream with dumplings and red bean paste drizzled with black honey syrup, topped with cream and a watermelon ball.
I did not like red bean paste so asked for it without.
The tofu ice-cream was too icy but the taste was ok, it tasted like Vitasoys soy milk which is light yet you can still taste the soy beans.
The dumplings were chewy and slightly sticky and the smaller coloured ones tasted exactly the same as the bigger ones.
The product picture shows three smaller dumplings pink, green and white and you get exactly the same as the product picture.
The warabi mochi was extremely soft and it was not too sweet.
It was quite funny the bowl was much bigger than what it was intended to hold.
After I finished the dessert I used the $5 coupon on the drink.

While I was waiting at the counter I noticed a promotion that had already past, basically you get a free memo pad if you spend over $38.
Anyway I tried my luck and asked if they still had those pads and I was able to get one because including the drink I had spent over $38.
So don't forget to ask for yours if you spend over $38 as they don't seem to give them out actively unless you ask!

Apple pie tea:

If you have tried the one at the Japanese restaurant, this one does not taste anywhere near as good as that one.
This one could have tasted much better with cream.
The drink was basically the same except that it was much sweeter and the cinammon was really strong.
They also put young coconut jelly in it which was another factor that made the drink sweeter too.
However the tea taste was quite strong.
If it was not so sweet then it would have been perfect. The apple pie latte would probably be a better pick than the tea because there is coffee to balance out the sweetness.

The displays at this joint were quite nice.
It also appears that their desserts are sold at the restaurant next door to it because while I was waiting, desserts were prepared at this joint and taken next door, same as that Kyoto Matcha Cafe place in TKO where their desserts are also served at the restaurant next door.

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