Monday, December 17, 2012

Extra serving of noodles and pickled ginger @ Ippudo

Before going to the Arome Bakery Room Tasting event, I had to eat some food before eating sweet food so I dined here because it was right next to ABR.
I ordered the Wasabi tonkatsu.
Wasabi tonkatsu:
The noodles were rather disappointing this time because the broth was bland and it did not have the initial impact that the wasabi gave me on my first visit. The wasabi was so weak this time that it did not give a stinging sensation to my throat. Last time I could smell wasabi from the soup and this time I could not.

Extra serving of noodles:
I was quite hungry so ordered more noodles.
Pickled ginger:
Last time I had the pickled ginger and loved it but there were no photos, so here is a photo of the pickled ginger.
The pickled ginger was still consistently good and tasted salty and sour.
Opening photos thanks to IVYCWK:
Since IVYCWK knew I was going to eat at Ippudo before the Arome Bakery Room tasting event, she passed me these photos to post on my review.

I will come again when only when they have some special broths or seasonal specials.
Badges that they gave out during the opening.

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