Monday, December 17, 2012

Wheatgrass shot @ Mana! Fast Slow Food

Initially I was attracted to this place because of the wraps, but I was full today so I could only order a drink.

The decor at this place is really nice, it reminds me the Aztecs.
They also promote recycling too with separate bins for specific items such as papers, plastics etc.
For those who are thirsty there is Sun Juice, filtered water from the self service tap with biodegradable cups.
Wheatgrass shot:
I loved the foam on top, however on my first sip it was sweet. I think I will ask for it unsweetend next time because I want to try it in its most natrual form because I was looking forward to a really grassy taste.
The taste was not that grassy because I have tried wheatgrass juice before in UK and this one was slightly different.
It tasted similar to seaweed.

Anyway I can't wait to try their other stuff soon and one of their drinks that has a paper straw.

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