Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gang up for delicious tomato style shabu shabu

It was lovely and cold so settled here for a shabu shabu.

As well as the shabu shabu we had other delicious starters.
Chilled bean curd: This was a good chilled bean curd dish because the sauce was really nice and the taste was balanced.
I have tried this at other places before where the sauce was just syrupy, but here the sauce was a perfect balance of grounded sesame, vinegar and sweetness.
Usually in other restaurants I scrape away the sauce because it was too sweet but I cannot get enough of it here as the taste was delicious.
I felt that if there was more sauce then it would have been perfect.
Stuffed crab shells: These stuffed crab shells were delicious. They looked really nice as well with generous thyme and rosemary herbs on top and crispy breadcrumbs. I did not take a photo of the shells but on the back they were very clean.
Hiroshima oyster cutlet: Hiroshima oysters are always nice and after they have been fried it brings out the fuller taste of the oyster.
Seaweed shrimp rolls: I loved these rolls, especially the seaweed on the outside which tasted grassy and balanced out the heavyness of the cutlet coating.
Tempura: All the tempura was really nice because the tempura batter was light and crispy and most importantly the oil was fresh.
Grilled lambchops: The lambchops were so soft and juicy, it was not gamey at all. The mustard sauce that came with it was a perfect match as the sauce had the mustard seeds in it with a tangy taste.
Grilled dried boneless fish: The grilled fish tasted quite sweet and complimented the sake as a nice snack.
Grilled ox tongue:
The was also really nice, it was seasoned with salt and there was also mustard to compliment it as well.
Shabu Shabu: I do not often have Japanese shabu shabu but the last one I had was most probably the one at Yoshinoya which is just miso base broth.
However the broth here is tomato.
The taste of the items in tomato broth was really nice that you do not really need any other sauces to dip it in. For the hotpot set, it came with chicken gizzards, pork neck slices, beef slices, lamb slices and vegetables.
Usually the fumes from the hotpot burner will start me coughing but the ones they used here have been tested by them and do not emit any noxious fumes.
The tomato broth really made a difference and the meat became more appetizing. With clear broths it brings out the fat and heavyness of the meats.
For fun, we put the julienne radish that was used for garnishing in the hotpot and it tasted delicious as well!
Japanese sake: I am not a professional on alcohol so I can only comment on how it tastes.
There were two sakes: plum and green tea.
I was really surprised that you could get green tea as a Sake but then I do not have much expertise in this so it was new to me.
The plum one tasted really nice and sweet, and the taste was so much more pleasant than the alcopops which still have a slight alcholic taste.
As for the green tea sake, it was much stronger and tasted like liquor.
Thanks to Dustbineater for treating us to a lovely shabu shabu!

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