Monday, December 17, 2012

Best Western Chinese style comfort food @ Charlies

I always come here for Chinese food because it is the same style as the Chinese food served in UK.

Apart from me, there are lots of expats and overseas born Chinese that dine here.

Their menu layout and the way they list the items are also similar to the restaurants/takeaways over there.
There are pictures on the wall which were put up recently.
Anyway, all the dishes here are the ones you can find in UK apart from the soup noodles which I also decided to post because they were delicious as well.

The soup was interesting because it was really clear and there was ginger in it.
Duck with pancakes:
This is different to the local Peking duck served in Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong.
The duck actually has meat and the pancake sauce has a strong bean taste which is not the Sweet sauce that you find served with chow meins or rice rolls.
The pancakes are made by them.
Duck chow mein:
Here the noodles are soft and not fried so there are no crispy bits and in the chow mein they have put onions and green peppers which makes it taste and smell aromatic.
Chicken with lemon sauce:
Although it was slightly burnt, the chicken was coated in light cornstarch batter and together with the lemon sauce it tasted like the lemon chicken in uk.
Kung po prawns:
This is similar to the sweet and sour but there are chilis in it. The chilis that they used were dehydrated and different.
Although this was not comfort food, it was delicious. The broth was extremely strong. The sambal sauce that they put on the noodles is really spicy.
Duck with dongguai soup noodles:
Another bowl of noodles that taste great too.
You can see there are so much herbs in it.
The curry and the mongolian beef is also good.

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