Monday, December 17, 2012

All you can eat Japanese buffet @ Daikiya

This is an all you can eat Japanese buffet that has sushis, grilled items, deep fried items, etc.
I have not dined here before but it seems that it has been rennovated.
Grilled octopus jaws:
The octopus jaw itself was not bad but the sauce was extremely sweet and salty.
Stir fried octopus tentacles:
Really salty
Mini Sweet potatoes:
The mini sweet potatoes were really cute, some were sweet and were not some sweet with a dense starchy texture.
Sweet potato tempura:
I was surprised they used the purple sweet potato for this but it was nice, but slightly too hard and it was quite sweet.
Stir fried spinach and mentaiko:
The spinach was nice and tender but overall it was really salty.
Deep fried scallop:
I think they meant scallop surimi because it definately was not a scallop.
Baked oyster:
The oyster was quite nice because the sauce was not that heavy and it had bits of onions in it.

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