Monday, December 17, 2012

Frankly delicious hotdogs @ The Frank

On my way to Arome Bakery Room, I saw this bright chic hot dog joint which also serves Yo Mama because the Frank's founder was also the founder of Triple O’s burgers and Yo Mama’s frozen yogurt.
They have a wide variety of hotdogs and different franks.
Drinks can be added for an extra $10 if you order any hotdog.
I chose The All Day Breakfast and The Tokyo hotdog which were both chicken.
The All Day Breakfast:
This was my favourite, there was scrambled eggs and potato chips on top,
I did not like the chicken frank because the skin was too tough.
But the the egg and sausage and ketchup was a good combination.
The Tokyo:
This hotdog had a japanese touch to it with sesame mayonnaise and sesame sprinkled on it.
The taste of this hotdog was slightly too sweet.
English breakfast tea
The tea bags they used were STASH's English Breakfast Black tea.
Since it was black tea, the taste was slightly stronger.

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