Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dreamy blue days with delicious fried chicken

Anyone who comes to this mall will not miss this shop because you practically have to go past it.
It is also decorated in sky blue so you are bound to notice it if you have not noticed it before.
I was attracted by the pictures of the fried items, the fried chicken caught my attention and to my utter surprise the fried chicken only costs $9!!!
Without hesistation I ordered the fried chicken, even if the piece of chicken was small; getting two bites out of it was worth it.

There were two pieces of fried chicken that were already done, a drumstick and the thigh so I ordered the drumstick.

When I took it out, the shape of the fried chicken drumstick was so uniform and the coating was thin and uniformly fried with an even golden colour.
The chicken beneath the coating was a succulent and juicy too.

If you have had KFC, you will find that not all the chicken drumsticks are evenly coated and some chicken drumsticks are shrivelled up!
Some drumsticks at KFC are so tiny that you would think they are spring chickens.
After taking a bite, the taste was just amazing, the chicken was juicy and the delicate coating was delicious that I went back and ordered the other piece.

The other piece was also as delicious as the first because they were fried in the same batch.
As well as chicken I decided to order their garlic bread because the quality of food there seemed assuring.

The garlic bread was really nice that day because it was a fresh batch that had not been refrigerated for a long time and it was still springy in the centre.
I requested the bread to be baked gently because I do not like garlic bread that is 100% crispy, I like it slightly soft because it defeats the purpose when the bread texture is gone.
The garlic bread was toasted just right and you can see the garlic butter has not gone right through the bread after toasting.
Anyway I went back again for their chicken another day, however this time it was refried.

They said that they will fry it initially for 11 minutes and when it is ordered it will be refried again for another 2 minutes.

Since it was refried this time I expected the coating to be crispier than the first time I tried it which it was.
The fried chicken still tasted nice but the coating was crunchier.
However I prefer the chicken to be fried once and I would rather wait the full 13 minutes for a perfectly fried piece of chicken.

I suspect the chicken I tried the first time was probably for themselves as it did not need refrying.

I am curious how they predict a customer is going to come immediately or come soon in order to decide whether to fry it in one go or for the initial 11 minutes and then re-fry when someone orders it.

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