Monday, December 17, 2012

Beryls coconut covered chocolate from The Royal House

Discovered this shop on the way to the Legend Restaurant, it is basically next to it!
The shop was huge and sold lots of boxed chocolates, it was mainly fruit covered chocolate such as durian which I really wanted to try, but they did not have a smaller box.

As well as Malaysian chocolate they had Venchi chocolate, but there are lots of Venchi branches elsewhere so I chose the chocolate by Beryl's ( a Malaysian brand).
The bag they used was a Venchi bag!
The receipt was interesting too, the shop was called The Royal House but the shop front had chocolate.
The opening hours were even more confusing!
From 10:00-0800 so does that mean from 10 in the morning to the next 8am in the morning???
It was 7pm that night so I could not work out whether this place was still open as there was no one in there.
The variety in there was amazing and I could not decide which chocolate to get!!
Beryl's coconut chocolate:
In the end got this one and it was quite nice, the shape was irregular and it had crispy bits inside which were full of coconut taste.
The sweetness of the chocolate was just right but I would have preferred dark chocolate.

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