Thursday, 13 December 2012

A delicious $25 surprise from Connie's

Along this road, its all Chinese food, the one on the left is about the same price and has more choice, the one on the right is more expensive, but I tried this one because it was small and not many people have written about it even though it was packed with people sitting there.
It was hard to find this restaurant on OpenRice because the first letter of the name looks like a big O.
But when I saw their license certificates I realised this shop was called Connie's and not Comie's.

I got the $25 lunch set which includes a soup.
Hamburg patty and spam:
I chose this because I liked spam and it had black pepper sauce.
When I saw the hamburg patties they looked different to the usual patties because the surface looked smooth.
I don't like beef, but the beef patty was delicious, it was thinly sliced as well.
The texture was quite similar to those vegetarian steaks and it was seasoned really nicely.
The rice was too soggy and hot.
In the middle it was a bit like congee.
The black pepper sauce tasted like delicious gravy and the black pepper taste was light and did not over power the rest of the items.
I hope they have this combination again and I was so surprised the beef turned out to be the star and not the spam.
I am not sure how beef lovers would rate the patty because they might be expecting a really beefy taste.
The soup had red carrots and it tasted really sweet with strong carrot taste.
[Forgot to take a picture of it].


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