Wednesday, 12 December 2012

All you can eat buffet @ King Ludwig Beerhall

I am not an expert with German food but my knowledge of German food was sausages and all the different sauces you can order such as curry sauce and tomato sauce that go with the bockwurst and the strudel cakes during German lessons.

However in Hong Kong, they seem to associate the pork knuckle with German food.

Anyway the buffet at King Ludwig Beerhall was perfect, I could try a little of something.
I did not expect a lot of native German food but at least there was the pork knuckle and sauerkraut vegetables.

Basically when you sit down, they will put down a plate of freshly done pork knuckles which are delicious.
The skin is crispy and slightly salty and the meat inside is delicious and of course the sauerkraut vegetables which balance out the heavyness of the pork knuckles.

As well as that there were other delicious items such as the sausages, dublin prawns, freshly melted cheese on toast.
Food photos:

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