Thursday, December 13, 2012

Attractive sashimi rice in a cute box @ Mitaki

A while ago I saw people carrying these really nice boxes with Japanese food in it but I did not know which joint it came from.

Finally found it the other day but when I ordered they did not have enough rice so they stopped taking orders.

Went back again another day and managed to order the rice with squid, prawns and fish roe.

There were lots of choices which range from $58-$78 per box.
While I was there I saw this huge wooden tub for the rice.
rice with squid, prawns and fish roe:
When I collected my order the box was really nice.
I thought it was a plastic box in a cardboard box but it had cardboard on the outside making it sturdier.
I ate the rice, squid, prawns and fish roe without the soy sauce or wasabi because it was not tasteless.
The rice was not plain rice, they put pieces of mushroom and tiny sakura shrimps which gave the rice more taste.
pieces of mushroom in da rice
pieces of mushroom in da rice
cute sakura shrimp infrt of a shrimp
cute sakura shrimp infrt of a shrimp
As a standard, all the rices come with pickled ginger, radish and two pieces of crabmeat.The prawns were really sweet and had the heads attached. There were four prawns in total.
The squid was chewier than expected and it was not sliced properly because the squid was still in one piece.
In the product picture the squid was sliced into many pieces.
If it had been sliced properly then the taste would have been nicer because the sakura shrimps and fish roe would have mixed in better just like the product shot.
Anyway it was delicious and I finished it all.
The rice should be loosened up more before putting it into the box and the squid should be sliced properly because it was not sliced right through.

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