Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Back at Maureen's for more delicious delights

Havent been here for ages and since my previous visits, it has changed so much. I love their new dishes and they even have dessert as well.

I was going to try their new noodles anyway so when I got Maureen's invitation and another fellow who was going to the tasting session, we all went together.

It was the first time I dined there in the evening because previously they were only open during the day.

The soup is now served separately from the noodles.

Although I have tried the egg in wine and the lemon chicken before, they both taste the same and as good as before which is good because a lot of places these days cannot keep the taste consistent.
There are so many places where I have given it a second time and the food does not taste as good as the first time.

It was really amazing that there is finally a person like Maureen that understands that different foods are eaten best with different cutlery, even the size of the spoon matters.

Noodles Lo Mein:
The noodles tasted so much better tossed in sauce, and the julienne pumpkin and potato tasted so much fresher and had more crisp to it.
The sauce that was added to it before it was served tasted like sesame paste sauce.
The soup was flawless and non oily.
Egg in Chinese wine:
The egg in Chinese wine was lovely, the egg white was flavoured delicately with wine and parma ham bits and sea salt gave it flavouring.
Roast beef ribs:
This was cooked for 48 hours in sous vide style. The beef was so tender and I loved the way it was garnished by mega finely chopped parsley and garlic crumbs.
I loved the grated radish sauce it was surrounded in because it was meant to resemble the traditional braised beef with radish.
The Perfect egg:
The egg was served on a bed of mushroom fluid gel and had chinese ham on top with a cracker beside it.
It was cooked to 63 degrees C.
I loved the texture of the egg because it was cooked yet it was like gel, and the mushroom gel matched the texture of the egg perfectly. The yolk was still in liquid form and together with the strong mushroom taste it was bliss.
The cracker was there to break the balance from the gel textures.
Chicken infused with lemon olive oil:
Although it was chicken breast, it was tender and tasted as good as my first time trying it.
There was a hint of lemon in the chicken even if you did not dip the lemon olive oil.
Steamed fish:
This was my first time having steamed Salmon!!! I wish it was available from the beginning because it was delicious.
The salmon that they use is sashimi grade.
The salmon was really soft and smooth just like seabass. It was so smooth that it slips from the chopsticks!
The vegetables beneath it were young and tender too!

Chocolate mousse and cinammon crunch:
The mousse came fresh from the aerosol container which gave it extra lift and lightness.
The chocolate was made by mixing two chocolates to get the sweetness right.
I loved the mousse which was dreamy and light.
The cinammon crumbs were nice and the mousse tasted nice with or without adding it.
I will be back because the food tastes so nice.

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