Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cheese fondue @ Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant

Saw the cheese fondue set and the extra instant noodles you can order to put in the fondue so went in for that.
The service was slow and there were crowds of people waiting to be seated and there were so many empty tables inside.

Cheese fondue:
The fondue ingredients that came with the fondue were: bread, frankfurters, broccoli, prawns, potatoes, cherry tomatoes and a piece of red pepper.
The bread itself was nice because it was layered bread just like the ones at bologne, however it was disgusting with the fondue because this bread was sweet. For the chocolate fondue it makes sense to have sweet bread but for a cheese fondue that was foul and weird.
The cheese fondue was quite nice because the cheese was quite cheesy and not too creamy with a hint of white wine. The brocoli and the prawns taste the best. the potatoes were disappointing because they were hard.
Before the noodles came, most of the cheese had already evapourated and got burnt.
Extra instant noodles:
The portion of instant noodles were quite small and it came with the soup base powder in a separate tiny bowl.
The extra cheese that came with the noodles did not taste as nice as the cheese in the fondue because it was just creamy.

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