Monday, 10 December 2012

Chicken leg in black pepper gravy @ Mei Lee

This shop is now out of business!!!

The takeaways here are dirt cheap and fast which cost $22 per box!
If I am going to buy Chinese food which I expect to be disappointing I might as well go for the cheaper ones and have less disappointment so I went for the $22 box today!

All their food is cooked and boxed ready in a pile so they just pack it in bags and they are ready to go.
The appearance of this shop was quite old and inside it looked grey and gloomy.
However if they redecorated it, I doubt the food would be this cheap.

Chicken leg in black pepper sauce:
When you see chicken leg on the menu, it is quite good because in general Chinese people prefer chicken leg meat, but for takeaways they are so hard to eat with chopsticks.
The gravy was delicious. It is similar to the gravy at the KFC's in other countries and the black pepper was not too strong.

floating fat pieces in da soup
floating fat pieces in da soup
I didnt really know what soup it was but there was lots of fat floating about.

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