Wednesday, December 12, 2012

childhood memoirs: cream slices @ Boulangerie

When I was a kid there would always be boxes of cream slices in the fridge, there was a bakery round the corner which did delicious cream slices.

That bakery is still around but not the same price as back then.
It probably costed around 50p and now it probably costs around £1ish.

When I saw the pictures of the vanilla slices at this place, they looked exactly the same as the ones I had at that bakery, even the icing with the brown patterns were identical.

Although they were French vanilla slices which meant the filling would be slightly different I still had to try it.

Boulangerie is located in Kennedy town and faces the sea. When I got there it just reminded me of home because of the sea but there was a pier missing.

The seaside view had a reminiscence to the seaside view in UK, it was clear, unpolluted by little boats and people.
Although I did say that about Camden Town in Sai Kung, but the sea view there was clotted with little boats and noise.

Anyway back to the bakery, it was simplistic inside with some French products on the shelves however they also had Chinese teas as well!
As well as the shelf products they had other bakery items and baguettes.
Vanilla slices:
As expected it was different to the UK one, it did not have fresh cream or jam, but anyway it was delicious.
The vanilla custard was not too sweet and had lots of vanilla seeds in it.
I tried the pastry on its own and found it was salty which enhanced the custard.
The icing on top added extra sweetness to it.
I really wanted to try their sandwiches as well especially the one with the pigs head!!
I also want to try the Vietnamese one too because it has double pate in it and not because it was an Asian flavour.
The bill was neatly slipped to a ring pull lid!
Next time I'll be back for the sandwiches and I hope their chips are the freshly thin cut ones I had in France.

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